100 Years Ago

Saturday, January 12, 1918

• With the temperature standing at 20 degrees below zero, guests who crowded the Turner, a three-story hotel building at Centerville, rushed into the open clad only in their night clothes. The fire entirely destroyed the structure.

• Miss Neva Underhill of Yankton won the Lay and Nordness Oratorical Contest at the College last evening with her oration, The World at Attention, a eulogy of the people of Belgium and Albert, the Belgian king.

75 Years Ago

Tuesday, January 12, 1943

• The South Dakota high school athletic association members voted to allow coaching without a teacher’s certificate during the war, Secretary R. M. Walseth’s office reported today.

• Today is the anniversary of “the big blizzard”, which started on the afternoon of January 12, 1888 — about 1 p.m. in Yankton — following about such a balmy day as was enjoyed here last Sunday. By the time the storm ended, after raging for twelve hours, 112 persons in South Dakota had lost their lives.

50 Years Ago

Friday, January 12, 1968

• A proposal to build a man-made river from South Dakota as far south as Texas has been scorned by the South Dakota House of Representatives.

• Final visitor to South Dakota as a participant in Yankton College’s East Central Europe program will be Egidio Ortona, ambassador of Italy, who is scheduled to arrive in Yankton Sunday, Jan. 14.

25 Years Ago

Tuesday, January 12, 1993

• Gov. George Mickelson today urged South Dakota lawmakers to set aside political differences and cooperate to finance water development, reform health care, improve education and boost the economy. The 1993 session marks the first time in 16 years that Democrats have controlled a chamber in the South Dakota Legislature.

• Up to 6 inches of snow, buffeted by strong winds, piled in drifts and caused reduced visibility, making travel an adventure today across most of South Dakota.

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