Haug May Yet Face Charges In Yankton

HARTINGTON, Neb. — A Fordyce, Nebraska, man who faces an attempted murder charge in Cedar County, Nebraska, may face additional South Dakota charges related to the alleged incident.

Kevin Robert Haug, 44, already faces five felony charges related to the alleged knife attack July 2 at a Fordyce residence. He allegedly used a 10-inch knife or a 7-inch knife during an early-morning attack on James Olson, 58, at the residence.

According to court documents, Haug allegedly broke into the Fordyce home. He confronted Olson and Rhea Haug, the defendant’s wife, in the bedroom where they were located. An altercation ensued between the two men, and Haug allegedly stabbed Olson multiple times before exiting the house.

Haug allegedly washed his hands in the swimming pool and then fled the scene. Authorities found the two knives in the pool.

Later that evening, Cedar County Attorney Ed Matney provided the Press & Dakotan with a brief update on Haug’s capture.

"Haug was involved in a motor-vehicle collision," the county attorney said. "He sustained injuries and is receiving treatment."

Matney did not provide details at the time on where and how Haug was apprehended or the nature and extent of his injuries.

One media report said Haug was captured near the Highway 81-84 intersection located west of Hartington in Cedar County.

Matney could not be reached Tuesday for comment or additional information on Haug’s status.

No further information was available Tuesday on Olson’s condition.

Now, the Yankton County state’s attorney’s office is looking into possible charges related to the Nebraska incident.

An investigation remains under way, the state’s attorney’s office said Tuesday. The office hasn’t received any official reports yet from the Yankton Police Department, Yankton County sheriff’s office or the South Dakota Highway Patrol.

Upon receiving any investigative reports, the state’s attorney’s office then plans to consider any charges related to the Nebraska manhunt.

Haug may have crossed the state border during his attempted escape from Nebraska authorities said during the July 2 manhunt. The Yankton Police Department’s Facebook page contained an account that evening which doesn’t mention Haug but fits the timing and details of the case.

"At approximately (5:45 p.m.), the Yankton Police Department attempted a traffic stop at the intersection of 2nd Street and Cedar Street, on a stolen U-Haul truck. The vehicle was being driven by a male wanted for attempted murder out of Cedar County, Nebraska," the post said.

"During this incident, the male rammed the U-Haul into a Yankton Police Department squad car. The male fled across the Discovery Bridge and into Nebraska. The Yankton Police Department pursued the male until the Nebraska State Patrol and the Cedar County Sheriff’s Office joined the pursuit.

"No Yankton officers were injured. The male was apprehended in Nebraska by authorities."

Such an incident could result in a charge of eluding arrest, according to the Yankton County state’s attorney’s office. However, Nebraska authorities appear to have a longer list of more serious charges compared to anything that would be filed in South Dakota, the state’s attorney’s office added.

A Yankton Police Department report details an earlier incident which could provide clues to what led to the alleged Fordyce knife attack.

Court records listing a probable cause for Haug’s arrest detailed a June 10 incident in Yankton. Around 1:15 a.m., another man alerted authorities that Haug allegedly threatened to kill him or to hire others to kill him.

The responding officer located Haug and asked if he could search his pockets. Haug approved of the search, which resulted in finding what appeared to be drug paraphernalia.

Haug allegedly grabbed the pipe and threw it to the ground, where it shattered. The police officer ordered Haug to get on the ground. When Haug didn’t comply, the officer said he drew his Taser which he later holstered. The officer handcuffed Haug and called for additional assistance.

Haug was charged with resisting arrest; obstructing an officer, jailer or firefighter; and possession of a controlled substance.

The Yankton County state’s attorney’s office said Tuesday that Haug is scheduled for a July 18 arraignment on those charges before Circuit Judge Cheryle Gering.

The state’s attorney’s office said developments in the Nebraska courts could affect Haug’s status on South Dakota charges, including a bond revocation and/or failing to comply with 24/7 requirements for daily drug or alcohol testing.

Haug faces five felony counts in Nebraska related to the alleged knife attack.

He is accused of Count I, felony Attempted Murder in the First Degree; Count II, Assault in the First Degree; Count III, Burglary; Count IV, Use of a Deadly Weapon to Commit a Felony; and Count V, Possession of a Deadly Weapon to Commit a Felony.

Counts I, II and IV are Class II Felonies, which carry maximum possible penalties of 50 years imprisonment per count. Count III is a Class IIA Felony, which carries a maximum possible penalty of 20 years imprisonment. Count V is a Class III Felony, which carries a maximum possible penalty of 4 years imprisonment and 2 years post-release supervision, or $25,000 fine or both.


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