Yankton Church Branching Out To NE Nebraska

CROFTON, Neb. — A new branch of Restore Church will soon open in Crofton.

“We are working together with an amazing group from Crofton, formerly known as Community Bible Church, who are closing and changing the whole game plan to be 100% Restore in Crofton,” said Pastor Jeff Mueller.

“Restore has an inviting atmosphere. The emphasis is on people growing in God’s word to live a rewarding Christian life. Their motto — ‘Bible Teaching, People Reaching, Disciple Making’ — brought me here. The member’s commitment to their motto and growing in and through God is what keeps me here. People caring for people. It’s a great place to grow,” says Leanne Wendte, resident of Crofton. Leanne has been a part of both churches. (Crofton Community Bible Church and Restore Yankton)

“We are excited about the new church launch for several reasons. I look forward to serving our community and building relationships. The church will be a place of fellowship as well as of Bible teaching. We want to be known as welcoming and caring for people,” said David Carhart, one of the elders from Community Bible Church. David has been one of the primary organizers from Crofton.

“While we want each congregation we plant to have its own personality, we also want the type of symmetry where you can almost feel like you had the exact same experience at every campus,” Mueller said. “It’s going to be almost like Restore Yankton.”

The Crofton team will come over to Yankton for the next three months for church plant training to work towards this move. When the new church opens, it’s not going to be Community Bible Church with a new sign. It’ll be a brand-new church, serving the greater northeast Nebraska area.

“While ministry training never ends as we all continue to grow in our faith, our formal church plant training will end just before Easter this year. At that point, we’re going to launch the new campus on Easter,” Mueller said.

As they start, Mueller will pastor both churches. They’ll likely have an early morning service in Crofton and a late morning service in Yankton. As both churches grow, they expect four services (two at each) weekly by the end of 2021.

“When we reach that level of growth, we’ll hire more staff and plan on work toward our next plants. I have a few ideas about having another pastor on staff, caring for the Crofton campus, and another location we hope to launch (Lord willing) in 2022 in that area. We have ideas for some of the amazing towns in southeast South Dakota and northeast Nebraska,” Mueller said.

For more information go to www.myrestore.church

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