Ex-Deputy Gives Up Certification

TYNDALL — A former Bon Homme County deputy sheriff has surrendered his law enforcement certification after pleading guilty to stalking.

Brian McGuire was scheduled to appear Wednesday for a hearing with the Law Enforcement Officers Standards and Training Commission. The hearing was slated as part of the commission’s meeting in Pierre.

However, McGuire’s hearing was cancelled when he voluntarily surrendered his certification, according to the South Dakota Attorney General’s office.

McGuire’s work with Bon Homme County included his role as its K-9 handler. During his career, he has also worked for the Wagner Police Department and the Douglas County Sheriff’s department.

McGuire had pleaded guilty in April to one count of stalking, a Class I misdemeanor, as part of a plea deal. In turn, two charges of simple assault (domestic), a Class I misdemeanor, were dismissed.

The charges involve his brief romantic relationship with Lacey May Juttlestad of Springfield, according to court records. The stalking charge alleges McGuire made more than 70 attempts to contact her in one evening (June 22, 2020).

McGuire had previously resigned from his position with the Bon Homme County sheriff’s department as part of a settlement with Juttlestad. His employment with Douglas County and the City of Wagner weren’t addressed in the settlement.

McGuire and Juttlestad each claimed the other resorted to harassment during their relationship, with court records showing their different accounts.

At the time, McGuire denied all allegations and any improper actions toward Juttlestad, either on or off the job. She had never filed any reports against him as being abusive, improperly using his job or any other complaint against him, he added.

McGuire described the June 2020 calls to Juttlestad as checking on her safety when she indicated she was seriously ill, according to court records. He saw Juttlestad’s lawsuit as an effort to harm his personal and professional reputation when he tried to end the one-month relationship.

This spring, charges were brought against McGuire in First Circuit Court. He was arraigned April 29 in Bon Homme County, where he pleaded guilty to stalking as part of a plea deal.

He was sentenced to 90 days in jail, with the jail time suspended on meeting the following conditions:

• Obey all federal, state, tribal and local laws and be a law-abiding citizen in all respects for a period of one year;

• Complete 20 hours of community service ordered by the court by Aug. 31, 2021;

• Have no direct or indirect contact with the victim for one year, the only exception being allowing the defendant and victim to be in the same venue for activities related to their respective children;

• Enroll, pay for and satisfactorily complete an anger management program and provide verification of completion to the court and state by Aug. 31.

In addition, he was ordered to pay $400 in fines and $86.50 in court costs, to be paid in full to the Bon Homme County Clerk of Courts office no later than Aug. 31.

Circuit Judge Cheryle Gering recused herself from hearing the case, and Circuit Judge Bruce Anderson appointed Magistrate Judge Kasey Sorensen as a substitute for the proceedings.

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