PIERRE — The Offenses Regarding Controlled Substances Interim Study Committee will hold its first meeting of the interim on Monday, Aug. 19, at 10 a.m. (CT) in Room 414 of the State Capitol in Pierre.

The interim committee was created through the passage of Senate Bill 167 by the 2019 Legislature. Members will receive drug related convictions data from Greg Sattizahn, state court administrator, Unified Judicial System, and take public testimony regarding the scope of the study. The meeting is open to the public. The agenda can be viewed on the Legislative Research Council website: http://sdlegislature.gov/Interim/Documents.aspx?Committee=217&Session=2019&tab=Detail&tab=Detail

The Offenses Regarding Controlled Substances Interim Study Committee members include Rep. Steven Haugaard, Chair (R-Sioux Falls); Sen. Craig Kennedy, Vice Chair (D-Yankton); Reps. Linda Duba (D-Sioux Falls) and Dayle Hammock (R-Spearfish); Sens. Jeff Partridge (R-Rapid City) and Jim Stalzer (R-Sioux Falls); and public members Gary Drewes (Rapid City), Laurie Gill (Pierre), Gary Jaeger (Clear Lake), Mike Leidholt (Pierre), Aaron McGowan (Sioux Falls), Jason Ravnsborg (Pierre), Patricia Riepel (Sioux Falls), Greg Sattizahn (Pierre) and Kevin Thom (Rapid City).

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