PIERRE — The South Dakota Community Foundation (SDCF) presented an $8,100 South Dakota Fund grant to Mount Marty College. Funds will support the purchase of equipment for their exercise physiology lab.

“We will be forever grateful for the South Dakota Community Foundation’s grant to allow us to purchase a Monark Anaerobic testing bike for use in our undergraduate Exercise Science program and with the greater Yankton community,” said Daniel Flahie, Program Director & Assistant Professor of Exercise Science & Health, Mount Marty College. “We will now have the ability to bring middle and high school athletes as well as local law enforcement and first responders on campus for testing, which will allow better exercise and fitness programming tailored for their individual needs.”

The Monark Anaerobic testing bike is a welcome addition to Mount Marty’s exercise physiology lab. This piece of equipment specifically and accurately tests and measures an athlete’s anaerobic power ability, a vital measurement for all team-based sports.

“The South Dakota Community Foundation is proud to partner with Mount Marty College as they provide vital health assessments for their community,” said Ginger Niemann, SDCF Senior Program Officer. “Tailoring fitness programs to an individual’s need is a crucial component in a successful fitness regimen.”

The South Dakota Fund is an unrestricted fund that makes grants in support of culture, economic development, education, health and human services. The SDCF awards grants throughout the year to nonprofits that meet vital and diverse needs across the state. Interested applicants can learn more by visiting https://sdcommunityfoundation.org/for-nonprofits/sd-fund-grants/

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