WAGNER — The Yankton Sioux Tribe has re-elected its top four officials for another two-year term.

In addition, tribal members chose another five members of the Business and Claims Committee from a 10-candidate field. The winners will also serve two-year terms.

Tribal members voted in last Thursday’s election at polling places in Greenwood, Marty, Lake Andes and Wagner. In the election, voters decided the top four leadership positions, which were all contested races, along with five at-large members on the Business and Claims Committee.

Yankton Sioux Tribe secretary Glenford "Sam" Sully released election results late Tuesday night to the Press & Dakotan. Vote totals for each candidate and the voter turnout were not immediately available from tribal officials.

• Chairman: Incumbent Robert Flying Hawk defeated challenger Karen Archambeau.

• Vice Chairman: Incumbent Jason Cooke defeated challenger Rudolph Ulrich.

• Secretary: Incumbent Glenford "Sam" Sully defeated challenger Rose M. Cooke.

• Treasurer: Incumbent Kenneth Cook defeated challenger Shelly Saunsoci.

The five committee members elected to office were Robert "Pete" Kazena, Derrick Marks, Greg Cournoyer Jr., Jody Zephier and Chris Traversie.

The other candidates were Joe Little, Diane Merrick, Justin Song Hawk Sr., RoseAnn Wade and Gregory Zephier Jr.

Cournoyer, Kazena, Little and Greg Zephier were incumbents in the election. The fifth incumbent was Darrell Drapeau.

A formal inauguration ceremony for the newly-elected Business and Claims Committee members is generally held about a month after the election. The ceremony has included a procession, traditional music, remarks by tribal leaders and a meal.

The program has traditionally included an opportunity for the audience to file past the line of elected officials to offer their congratulations and best wishes.

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