A powerful, moist winter storm buried the Yankton area under heavy snow Tuesday.

Yankton received a total of 12.5 inches of snow from the storm, most of which fell overnight and early Tuesday. The snow was accompanied by sleet, freezing drizzle, freezing fog and winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. Yankton also experienced “thunder snow,” with several cracks of thunder heard overnight.

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Larry Skow

Ain't global Warming Great? Without it--you would of gotten 22" Let's have a hard winter so kids can remember the Good old Days.


Oh, Larry!! Don't you know they call it Climate Change so that any extraordinary weather can be blamed in it?? Wonder what factors caused the blizzard of '68 before there was such an agenda??

Larry Skow

HAHAHAHA yea Amazing isn't it? Fact is we have to have these big snows to break the drought. Just as California has to have lot of rain/snow in mountains to fill everything up. Now with all the tiling farmers have done to drain everything they need 1/2 again as much water to meet needs. Mother nature made potholes for reason

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