The Yankton Community Library is proud to be hosting its first-ever virtual community pet show.

Anytime during the week of Sunday, May 10, through Saturday, May 16, head over to the library’s Facebook page and add a photo of your pet to our Virtual Pet Show post, including with it the following information:

1) Your pet’s name (including any nicknames)

2) How old are they and what is their breed?

3) What is their favorite thing?

4) Do they know any tricks? (Optional: feel free to attach a brief video of them performing their trick in place or alongside of their photo)

5) Optional to share: describe something funny or unique they’ve done in the past or a funny or unique habit they might have.

All pets are welcome to be shown. That means cats, dogs, fish, gerbils, bunnies, turtles, even sea monkeys or your pet grasshoppers! If you are lucky enough to be the recipient of love from more than ONE pet, you can either post all your pets together, or do individual posts. It’s up to you and your pets.

If you haven’t got any pets and/or you’d prefer to kick back and just watch the show — make sure to like, comment and spread the love as the community shares their best furry friends.

The pet that receives the most likes on Facebook will receive a $10 gift card to McDonald’s (sharing with their owner is optional).

Also, watch the library’s Facebook page throughout the week for featured pets available for adoption from the Heartland Humane Society.

For questions, call the library at 605-668-5275 or email

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