During last month’s extreme cold, two Yankton residents braved the elements to help Westside Park’s ducks when “fowl” weather froze over the duck pond.

The park’s pond update came to a halt last fall when a leak was discovered while refilling it. Unable to repair the leak before the cold set in, city officials announced that the work would have to wait until spring, leaving the ducks who winter there with relatively shallow water.

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Larry Skow

That a nice gesture. But I believe it is against the law to feed wild animals. Especially the Canadian geese that are in photo


They are not baiting to kill them they are simply helping them. That park has been there forever and the ducks and geese or any waterfowl is part of that park. They can feed or provide a source of shelter or food however needed. It's called compassion.

Leslie Kuntz


Leslie Kuntz

Justin is ny HERO! He did something about it! Very inspirational Justin, I THANK YOU and the Ducks & Geese THANK YOU! I know that was not easy to do!

Larry Skow

I didn't say baiting them. But Canadian geese are wild. Better check South Dakota wild life regs. Feeding them any where is bad practice. Plus now grouping them up makes avian flu risk much higher.

Larry Skow

Also keep in mind State of South Dakota owns all the wildlife in the state.


Get rid of them. Move them to an area outside of town. The smell and stink up the area. Who wants duck and goose cr@p on there shoes and let alone little kids having to play in it. Get rid of them and have a nice park. Who dump them there in the first place?

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