100 Years Ago

Thursday, October 9, 1919

• There was a derailment at Plumb last night and trains 32 and 6 were delayed in consequence.

• Dr. Coles, of Springfield, well known in Yankton, was one of the speakers today at the Episcopal luncheon served at the public library.

75 Years Ago

Monday, October 9, 1944

• Yankton high school students, who have been keeping alive the idea of a teen canteen, or youth recreation center, here for the past year, and who on Saturday climaxed their present financing drive with a tag day on the streets, feel that they have proved their interest in the project.

• A feed manufacturing plant, the first in this section opened here Monday by the J.C. Mullaney Grain Company. The plant, which is located next to the Mullaney elevators near the Milwaukee depot in Vermillion, is equipped to do custom grinding and mixing of grain.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, October 9, 1969

• Children adopted in South Dakota have the right upon reaching legal age to learn the identity of their natural parents, but the privilege is rarely used. South Dakota is one of only two states that permits adopted children to learn the identity and other available information about their natural parents without a court order.

• Dr. Chester B. McVay, Yankton physician and professor at the University of South Dakota Medical School, was honored Wednesday before some 14,000 surgeons and guests attending the 55th annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons in San Francisco. Dr. McVay received a citation and plaque for the motion picture “Femoral Hernioplasty”, which was premiered at the meeting.

25 Years Ago

Sunday, October 9, 1994

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