• On July 19, 2019, at about 6:45 a.m., a member of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office found a 2007 Ford car licensed in Yankton County, South Dakota parked in the middle of the Spur 54D just north of Highway 12. It was determined to have been stolen from Yankton County, South Dakota. Shortly thereafter it was discovered a white Dodge Pickup was stolen from a nearby residence. While the officer was still there the stolen Dodge pickup returned and sped west on Highway 12 towards Niobrara, Nebraska.

The officer followed the vehicle though Niobrara and South on Highway 14 towards Verdigre, Nebraska. The Verdigre Police Department and the Sheriff’s Office attempted to stop the vehicle which drove around Verdigre before going South on County Road 521 Drive. The vehicle went around county barricades and warning signs of the “Walton” bridge being washed out and drove until the road ended and into a pasture at which time two people jumped out and ran on foot. Because of the large tree covered, severe, terrain and lack of roads, a Nebraska State Patrol helicopter and canine units were brought in as well as additional manpower from The Nebraska Game and Parks, Nebraska State Patrol, Antelope County Sheriff’s Office, along with some citizens to assist the local law enforcement agencies. The search was unable to locate the suspects and was continued by the local agencies until about 10:00 PM that night.

On the morning of July 20, 2019 the search was continued by the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and the Verdigre Police Department. Based on an investigation in cooperation with the Yankton Police Department and the Santee Sioux Nation Tribal Police, two suspects were developed by the local agencies. Mid morning an ATV was reported stolen in the general area. Contact with the suspects was made south of Verdigre by a citizen who called law enforcement. The suspects were contained along the Verdigre Creek by the local agencies while more manpower was brought back in. A search along the creek by law enforcement agencies from Verdigre Police, Knox County Sheriff’s Office, and Nebraska State Patrol, again aided by citizens ended with law enforcement taking two juveniles, one 15 year old male from South Dakota and one 16 year old female from Rural Niobrara, Nebraska in custody along the banks of the Verdigre creek. The suspects were treated by the Verdigre Rescue Squad for dehydration and cuts and bruises.

• On July 19, 2019, at about 6 a.m. the Knox County Sheriff’s Office was notified that a second vehicle was parked on Highway 12 west of Crofton, Neb. While a deputy was en route to check on the vehicle, he was also advised that another member of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office was with a stolen vehicle by the 54D and Highway 12 intersection. The deputy discovered the vehicle about two-tenths of a mile east of the 546 Ave. on Highway 12. The vehicle was facing west with the front driver side tire about one foot onto the driving lane and the driver rear tire about three feet onto the driving lane. The vehicle was a four-door Toyota Corolla, greenish color with a California license plate. Because of the vehicle sitting in the lane of traffic, there was no way of contacting the owner, and there was a possibility of the vehicle being stolen, the vehicle was towed and placed into the Knox County Impound Shed. At 12:22 p.m., Joseph Park of rural Crofton called to report that his girlfriend’s green Toyota Corolla with California plates had been stolen from their residence. Joseph Park was informed that his girlfriend’s car had already been recovered and was in the Knox County Sheriff’s Office possession.

• On July 19, 2019, at 11:40 a.m., Keith Koch of rural Crofton, Neb., reported that his pickup had been moved from by a machine shed to the end of his driveway.

• On July 21, 2019, at about 9:35 p.m. the Knox County Sheriff’s Office investigated a two-vehicle accident at the intersection of Highway 84 and Highway 14. A Northbound Chevy Lumina driven by Katie Sage of Vermillion collided with an Eastbound Pontiac Sunfire driven by Jeremiah Schmitz of Verdigre. Verdigre Fire and Rescue responded to the accident and provided medical attention and traffic control. Sage was not injured and was released at the scene. Schmitz was transported to the Avera Creighton Hospital for minor injuries. Both vehicles were totaled as a result of the collision.

• SEX OFFENDER: Earl Dean Decory reported July 19, 2019, residing at 109 Leafshooters Drive, Niobrara, NE 68760



• 07-18-2019: Alissa Fink, 19, Bloomfield — Obstructing Government Operations (Knox Co. Sentence)

• 07-18-2019: Blair Jumping Elk, Jr., 24, Santee — Assault on Officer, Domestic Assault, Disturbing the Peace

• 07-18-2019: Christopher Good Bird, Sr., 32, Santee — Failure to Appear (Santee Warrant), Possession by ingestion-THC

• 07-19-2019 Kristie Decory, 43, Sioux Center, Iowa — Possession of drug paraphernalia

• 07-20-2019 Jesse L. Barger, 24, Bloomfield — Contempt of Court-Failure to Appear, Possession of controlled substance/2nd (Woodbury Co. Warrant)

• 07-20-2019 Zachary Mansfield, 23, Creighton — DUS (Knox Co. Sentence)

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