COVID Update April 4: Yankton Co. Classified With 'Substantial' Community Spread

Yankton County has now been classified as having substantial community spread of COVID-19, according to the state’s daily update Saturday. 

Yankton County recorded three more positive cases, which brings it to 14 cases overall.

Substantial community spread is defined as being “five or more cases of community-acquired COVID-19 in a county or a distinct group of cases in a single area (e.g., city or county).” 

The other three counties in the state with substantial community spread are Minnehaha (81 total cases), Lincoln (21), Beadle (21) and Lawrence (9)

South Dakota’s confirmed COVID-19 cases have risen to 212, the state website reported.

The number of recovered cases in the state has climbed to 76. In Yankton County, three cases are now considered recovered.

The state also reported that the total number of negative tests from state and commercial labs is 5,012.

A total of 19 people have been hospitalized by COVID-19 during the pandemic. 

The death toll in South Dakota officially remains at two.

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It's going to get worse. Your State and Local leaders are failing you miserably. People will die unnecessarily because of a lack of leadership.


Our governor says it’s ok if 70% of our people get the illness. Well, now it’s gotten to animals as well. The tigers in the Bronx Zoo have it now. A worker who wasn’t showing the symptoms yet, gave it to them.

Since she doesn’t care about the human toll from this pandemic, I wonder about her concern for the state livestock business?

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