100 Years Ago

Tuesday, August 12, 1919

• B.L.T in the Chicago Tribune pays his respects to Zinita Graf, formerly dramatic instructor at Yankton College, who is now with the Devereux Players. He says: “A handbill at hand informs us that the “University of Wisconsin presents Devereux and Zinita Graf in Shakespeare’s ‘She Stoops to Conquer.’ From, we infer, a hitherto unpublished manuscript.”

• A citizen reports cleaning out a cistern today. He found over four feet of deris and has two feet more to go. So far he has brought to light an overcoat, a number of dresses, some wheels from a child’s wagon, and numerous other articles altogether too numerous to mention.

75 Years Ago

Saturday, August 12, 1944

• The automobile of Dr. George E. Johnson was broken into some time last night while it was parked in the doctor’s parking space at Sacred Heart hospital and professional bags stolen. Later the bags were recovered on Ohlman’s hill in the southwest part of the city near the hospital. Nothing was missing except such narcotics as the doctor carried in his luggage, and the police are working on the theory that a “dope” addict committed the theft.

• For a half-hour on Sunday, August 27, a farm family from the Yankton vicinity will typify American wheat growers of the United States to radio listeners all over the nation and in Great Britain. This announcement came today from radio station WNAX, the station chosen to broadcast coast to coast and across the sea the weekly CBS show “Trans-Atlantic Call.”

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, August 12, 1969

• On August 11, Ralph Hermann steps out as the manager of the Fullerton Lumber Yard in Scotland. He has been in the lumber business for forty-one years. The new manager is Roger Marcotte, coming from Yankton where he was employed by the Fullerton Co.

• The U.S. Justice Department Monday granted $37,000 to nine South Dakota colleges to supply courses in higher education to law enforcement officials. The University of South Dakota received $13,000; Southern State received $500.

25 Years Ago

Friday, August 12, 1994

• Hutchinson County Achievement Days has the extension office seeing double this week. Double, as in twice the number of exhibits as last year.

• Dakota Taekwondo of Yankton will host a taekwondo tournament for participants from a multi-state area Saturday at the Yankton High School gymnasium. There will be competition in forms, sparring, musical forms, board breaking and weapons.

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