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The Friends of the Yankton Community Library (FOL) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to enhance the activities and goals of the Yankton Community Library. Previously the Friends of the Library’s book sale occurred monthly. Now, in 2020, it will happen four times a year: January, April, July, and October. (January Book Sale has already occurred.)

The book sale will occur on the first Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each designated month at the library’s regular hours. Thursday — 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Friday and Saturdays — 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

“It’s scary to make changes. We’re concerned how going from monthly book sales to four times a year will affect our regulars,” says Carol Hamvas, president of the Friends of the Library.

Each Thursday of the sale, FOL members will be able to select books.

“Giving our membership first choice of books is our way of saying ‘thank you,’” says Hamvas.

The cost of membership is $10 for an individual and can be paid at any of the book sales or by stopping in the library to sign up anytime.

On Friday, anyone can purchase books. The prices are 50 cents for soft covers and $1 for a hardback book

“One wouldn’t be able to find books at that price,” says Hamvas.

On Saturday, the book sale will continue. Added will be the option of buying books by the bag full for $2. The FOL will have plastic bags and whatever books can be put safely in a bag can be purchased for $2. Note: If the bag rips, another bag will have to be purchased.

Because their inventory of books is so large, the library’s meeting room will be utilized for the sale.

“With so many donations of books, we’ve outgrown the storage room of the library,” says Hamvas. “Another reason for the move to the meeting room is that it is handicapped accessible.”

The book sale consists of books strictly from donations, not from the library. Donations of books can be brought to the library any time the library is open. Karen Kubal is in charge of sorting the donations on Fridays at 1 p.m. She is assisted by Pat Smith and other volunteers.

“People have been so generous in giving books, some even return books they have purchased from previous sales,” says Hamvas.

The Friends of the Library use the money raised in many ways for the library. The FOL looks for needs and fills them. During FOL meetings, the library director will present a “wish list” for wants and needs, which have occurred since our last meeting. Purchases have been Legos, a bench in the hall, a printer for the Library Director’s office, two showings of “Neither Wolf nor Dog,” and many other extras not covered in the regular budget.

 “The Friends of the Library has always been a great support to the library and their purchases help to enhance the library experience,” says Library Director Dana Schmidt. “They fund many of our special performers during our Summer Reading programs along with other purchases such as our reading chairs, our play kitchen in the children’s area and many other unique additions to our library. I think the new format of the books sales will allow them to have a greater impact for the library. Changing the location to the meeting room and extending the length of the sale allows for more space for comfortable browsing, wider accessibility with different hours and across a few days, and more selection of books to be available for purchase. We are grateful for the Friends’ dedication and hard work that goes into making these sales possible.”

For more information, ask at the library.

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