100 Years Ago

Sunday, November 28, 1920

• No paper

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, November 28, 1945

• Elmer Lien brought 45 rattlesnakes to Yankton from Winner where he said he obtained them from a den of 400 snakes which had been discovered there. Some of the reptiles brought to Yankton extended to three-foot length and some had as high as 12 rattlers. They proved quite an attraction for a while, but complaints and fears that the snakes might get free brought about their destruction by local officials.

• A number of Yankton folks are confined to their homes with colds and influenza this week, and school room classes are noting a number of absentee vacancies because of sickness.

50 Years Ago

Saturday, November 28, 1970

• The eastern South Dakota town of Brookings has been selected as one of nine “Happy Places” in the United States. The December issue of Esquire Magazine released an article naming Brookings as “one of nine wonderful towns where the grass really is greener than where you live right now. The article had very few critiques, and highlighted Brookings’ low cost of living, pure water, landscaping, housing costs and the citizens’ acceptance of the long-haired and sloppily-dressed college students.

• Two Yankton County 4-H Club members are heading to Chicago today to attend the 1970 National 4-H Club Congress. The week-long event will attract some 1600 members from across the nation. The first participant from Yankton County has compiled about 265 ribbons on the county and state levels of competition and has given several local demonstrations and illustrated talks. The second member has received medals for sheep, crop science, conservation of natural resources, and more.

25 Years Ago

Tuesday, November 28, 1995

• Kevin J. Hynes, the son of Michael “Pete” and Marlene Hynes, Crofton, Neb., was honored at a State Capital ceremony by Gov. Ben Nelson for being named the 1995 Nebraska Military Department Employee of the Year. Hynes, a 1986 graduate of Crofton Community School and a 1994 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Journalism College, has worked as a full-time public information technician and editor of the Nebraska National Guard’s Prairie Soldier newspaper since Sept. 1993.

• Backing up a previous resolution to support construction of a new bridge across the Missouri River to replace the Meridian Bridge, Yankton City commissioners unanimously approved a motion to provide what it must to get the project going.

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