PIERRE — Two subcommittees of the Marijuana Interim Study Committee will hold their first meetings June 21-22, 2021, via electronic conference and in Room 362 of the State Capitol in Pierre to allow for both remote and in-person participation.

The Medical Marijuana Study Subcommittee will meet Monday, June 21, at 10 a.m. (CT). The group will review IM 26 Revisions from the South Dakota Municipal League and South Dakota Association of Healthcare Organizations, learn about telehealth and health issues in Colorado, receive a presentation from the North Dakota Department of Health, and gain tribal perspective from representatives of several South Dakota tribes.  

The Adult-Use Marijuana Study Subcommittee will meet Tuesday, June 22, 2021, at 10 a.m. (CT). The group will receive information on Home Rule and Dillon Rule from the South Dakota Municipal League, gain law enforcement and legal perspective from various representatives, and hear a presentation on marijuana in the workplace.  

Those wishing to testify remotely before either subcommittee must register by noon June 18, by email to Amanda.Marsh@sdlegislature.gov. Testifiers should provide their full names, who they are representing, city of residence and what agenda item they will be addressing.

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Pro bono

It's good to see SD finally doing something constructive than waste the Supreme Court's time with a frivolous lawsuit. Why do states always look to Colorado? Just because CO and WA were the first doesn't mean they have the best program. Oklohoma has a robust thriving market for the legal cannabis industry, NY and NJ have a great understanding of social equity and NV has passed regulations on consumption lounges. North Dakota's program is terrible because the legislature there completely rejected 65% of what the voters there passed and wrote their own terribly written law. The tribes should grow as much as they want without limitations. Imagine heavy textile industry moving in the reservation paying great wages to produce hempcrete, biodiesel, clothing/shoes, accessories, AND *medicine* that can be enjoyed in groups aka "recreational." Seems like the government in SD is so far afraid that minority groups might succeed.

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