100 Years Ago

Saturday, November 8, 1919

• Yellow and white chrysanthemums are numerous on the streets and on the college campus this afternoon. Fine big perfect flowers they were, nurtured by Mr. Topp in the college colors just to have a goodly supply for Pioneer Day.

• The bridge project has certainly started things moving. Now come the officials of the local Electric Light Co. with the announcement that they are making extensive plans for the future. Now that the bridge is an assured fact, they feel that it will be necessary for them to build an entirely new and strictly modern electric generating plant.

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, November 8, 1944

• Yankton county gave majorities to all republican candidates in yesterday’s election from president down through state and county candidates to county justices of the peace. One democrat was elected, W.S. Donohoe, democratic candidate for county coroner, who was unopposed.

• The Purple Heart award has been given to Sgt. Harold Urban who was wounded October 2 in action in Germany. In a recent letter, Sgt. Urban states he has now moved from a hospital in Paris to another hospital unit, and is feeling well. He was wounded by shrapnel from a German 88 shell burst, and fragments hit all along his right side, penetrating his upper lip, neck, shoulder, rib, hip, the end of his spine, the right leg, his ankle and right foot.

50 Years Ago

Saturday, November 8, 1969

• Yankton Senior High School will host its annual Career Day-College Night program on Monday, Nov. 10. Seventy area trade schools and institutions of higher learning will be in attendance. John Cornette, guidance director, announced that the program will again be divided into two separate divisions.

• A bad schedule break could be the difference in a 7-2 season and one “all-the-way” for the big Yankton Buck squad in the 1969 season. But, as Coach Max Hawk said, “Second place in this tough league isn’t bad.”

25 Years Ago

Tuesday, November 8, 1994

• Voter turnout likely will be heavy because of intense interest in the governor’s race and several ballot issues, Secretary of State Joyce Hazeltine said Monday. Hazeltine predicts that 73 percent of the state’s registered voters will cast ballots in Tuesday’s election. That would be near an all-time high in South Dakota.

• The rampaging Yankton Bucks roared to a comfortable 21-0 lead in the first half, then stopped a mild Brandon Valley third period flurry to upend the Lynx 29-6 before a crowd of 4,000 fans at Crane-Youngworth Field in semi-final playoff action Monday night. It was the 11th win of the year for the unbeaten Bucks and sets them up with a shot at their third Class 11AA football state championship.

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