COVID Update for April 7, 2021: South Dakota sees 295 New cases

South Dakota reported 295 new cases of COVID-19 Wednesday, the largest single daily increase since March 19.

There are currently 2,511 active cases in the state, including 94 (-4) hospitalizations. There have been 114,526 (+94) recoveries and 1,938 (0 change) deaths recorded in the state. Since the beginning of the pandemic 330,646 individuals have tested negative for the virus and 7,087 have been hospitalized.

Also Wednesday, South Dakota saw 6,818 (+4,726) new vaccinations and 3,646 (+2,283) individuals vaccinated for a total of 460,688 vaccinations administered and 280,492 individuals vaccinated.

Locally, Charles Mix (+2), Clay (+2), Hutchinson (+10), Turner (+3), Union (+5) and Yankton (+11) counties all reported new cases of COVID.

In Nebraska, Cedar and Dixon Counties each recorded one new case, for a total of 751 and 600 total cases respectively since the pandemic began.

New vaccinations jumped to 18,547 (+7,626) in Nebraska for a total of 978,292 vaccinations administered.

Nebraska’s Department of Health (DOH) reported 453 new cases, 466 new active cases (45,922 total active cases), 152 new recoveries (164,680 total recovered) and no new deaths. The state’s death toll stands at 2,183 and there are currently 151 (+3) individuals hospitalized with COVID (6,377 ever hospitalized).

Since the beginning of the pandemic 2,666,366 COVID tests have been administered and 1,013,210 individuals have tested positive.

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