Has the fire and excitement of a New Year and all that we can accomplish started to waiver? Has that drive to pursue our goals — no matter if they are fitness goals, relationship goals, business goals or those visions we put in place to make this year the best year ever — started to be more of a challenge than a dose of gas to get our fire burning? Are you asking yourself, “Now what?”

It turns out a lot of us lose sight of our goals and get back to our “normal” that we didn’t want to move back to.

Listen. If you’ve gotten off track and fallen, you can’t go back in time and make up for those dips and have a “redo”. The thing to realize is that the new year is here and you can still kick the door in and make a huge impact on 2020. Now’s your time! Here’s how to become a Goal Getter in 2020 and get back up and move in the right direction. Today we’ll be talking fitness, but you can use these strategies for any of the goals you set for yourself.

Here are five ways to get your fitness goals back on track:

1. Create a Long-Term Plan.

First things first you need to have a plan in place! It’s the number one way you’re going to hit your fitness goals. Sit down with your spouse or even better, a training partner (who might be your spouse or significant other) and be intentional about looking at the calendar and figuring out what and when work best for your training sessions. It’s easy to say you’re going to train 6 days a week for two hours a day, but if the calendar shows you only can fit in 3 days for 45 minutes a day — plan for that! Also realize, sooner or later, those bumps in the road, the last minute meetings or job conflicts WILL HAPPEN. Something that throws you off your fitness path will rear their ugly heads, and you’ll have to face the music. Making a plan and making an alternate plan when you get derailed ahead of time will help keep you going, even when time doesn’t allow or you don’t feel like doing what you know you need to do.

2. Set SMART fitness goals.

How is a SMART goal different than any old regular goal? Here’s the deal with a SMART goal. It is:

• Specific: For your goals to work, you need to focus on exactly what you want to achieve. Be as specific as you can.

• Measurable: Make sure your goals include something that can be measured so you know when you’ve crossed the finish line.

• Achievable: Don’t reach for the moon here. Set goals for yourself that push you but are reasonable too.

• Relevant: Are your goals relevant to who you are and how you’re trying to better yourself? Becoming the world’s best pilot when you’re afraid of flying just wouldn’t make sense.

• Time-sensitive: Give yourself daily, weekly and/or monthly steps to help you see the progress you’re making toward meeting your goal by a certain time.

The best way to set SMART goals (and stick to them!) is to write them down, including all the things you need to do to get there. Something amazing happens when you take the time to write down specific goals. Instead of keeping them in your head as thoughts floating around, writing them down actually helps you achieve them.

Plus, putting your goals in writing is a great way to hold yourself accountable and track your progress along the way.

3. Get a refresher on the Baby Steps.

So, you fell off the wagon and went back to your old habits. You’ve fallen and now it’s time to get back up. Yeah, that’s not ideal, but you’ve got to learn from it and leave it in the past. It’s time to get back on the horse and get working on those small steps with your training and your diet to reach those fitness goals you wanted to accomplish.

4. Use the fitness snowball effect to build on your program

What’s the snowball effect? Pick one area, one thing that you can do — today. Maybe it’s going for a walk. Maybe it’s stretching for 5 minutes. Find one thing that you like and you know you can do. Do that. Repeat it the next day. Do it for a week. At the end of the week add one more thing to your program. It might be doing five push-ups. As you go, keep building up — like a snowball rolling downhill. The snowball builds up momentum, builds up size, speed and before you know it — it’s an unstoppable huge snow boulder! You can build your Fitness Boulder and do more than you think possible, achieve higher levels of fitness that you thought possible and reach each goal and dream you thought might just be a wish. With your dedication and continued movement of that snowball — you can reach new levels. Using this progress, you’ll feel empowered by the small wins you make every time you accomplish a goal and add something to your list. It’s exciting. It’s motivating. And it will help you stay the course!

5. Start back on your plan TODAY!

Seriously, you don’t need to wait for Monday, or the 1st of month, or right after “this event” happens. “Tomorrow” is what we use as a safety net for making it sound like we’ll get back to our goals. “Tomorrow” isn’t any more convenient than starting today. “Tomorrow” won’t make you healthier and fit. I’ve heard every excuse in the book why “Tomorrow” will be the day to elevate to new levels!

So, what’s the alternative to reaching your fitness levels. It’s starting back today. It’s using the time you have available to do what you can do. It’s starting today to just make one smart choice open your diet plan. Just do one small thing today. We know — what a thought! This means from here on out, no matter what happens, you are the person that follows through on their goal. Even when things happen, when you stumble, you’re the person that gets back up and continues on their path toward their vision.

Keep Your Eyes on Your Fitness Goals

From today, with these five steps for your fitness — get ready to feel different by the end of the year. It’s going to take time and effort on your part, but you can do it!

Mark “Coach Rozy” Roozen is owner/director of Coach Rozy Performance — Powered by AVERA Sports Yankton. He can be reached at 817-219-2811, email him at rozyroozen@gmail.com or you can find more information at www.coachrozy.com about training programs, our on-line training programs, bootcamps and athletic & sport development.

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