HURON — Chairman Dan Klimisch of Yankton announces that the James River Water Development District awarded $331,930 in cost-sharing assistance at their annual Board of Directors meeting held in Pierre on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

The District awarded $50,000 to the City of Redfield for engineering fees for improvements to their drinking water system. The project will provide reliable drinking water to the residents of the City of Redfield. The current system is constructed of materials that are over 100 years old and is starting to fail.

The District awarded $40,000 to Lake Hanson Association to repair the auxiliary spillway at Lake Hanson. The spillway was washed out in September of 2019. The project includes reconstruction of the earthen dam to control water volume and velocity entering the James River by acquiring proper fill, earth moving, and placing rip rap as needed.

The District awarded $157,500 for 2020 tree planting efforts within the District; allocating $15,000 to Beadle Conservation District, Brown/Marshall Conservation District, South Brown Conservation District, Davison Conservation District, Hanson Conservation District, Hutchinson Conservation District, Marshall Conservation District, Sanborn Conservation District, Spink Conservation District, Yankton Conservation District and $7,500 to Aurora Conservation District. These funds will encourage producers to plant trees to improve the environment, for example; by protecting the soil, improving water quality and to establish wildlife habitat.

The District committed $50,000 to improve water quality within the James River watershed through the Enhanced CRP Program available now for a number of USDA Continuous CRP practices. The JRWDD Enhanced CRP program consists of a one-time, up-front, 75% incentive payment of the CRP base-rate in addition to the producers regular CRP payment for the following practices; CP8A — Grass Waterways, CP21 — Filter Strips, CP22 — Riparian Buffer, CP29 — Marginal Pastureland Wildlife Habitat Buffer and CP30 – Marginal Pastureland Wetland Buffer.

The District committed $28,930 to the South Central Implementation Project which is sponsored by the District. These funds will allow the South Central Implementation Project to continue to work with private landowners and operators to implement Best Management Practices to improve surface water qualities in South Dakota.

The District committed $5,500 to update two monitoring stations in the James River Water Development District. The recent persistent high-water levels in area lakes and streams has prompted a renewed interest in the existing real-time water level and stream flow data available from the network of state and federal stream gages. A majority of the gages involved are run by the U.S. Geological Survey, which the District helps fund. In addition, there are some gages managed by SD DENR. Some of these gages have been upgraded; however, 24 remaining gaging stations still require periodic, manual data downloads.

In other business, the board re-elected Dan Klimisch of Yankton to serve as chairman, re-elected Randy Stanley of Groton to serve as vice-chairman and re-elected Robert Braun of Aberdeen to serve as secretary. Frank Amundson of Huron will continue as the District’s treasurer.

For further information, contact the James River Water Development District office in Huron at 352-0600 or visit the website at

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