Water Projects

PIERRE — A bill that would allocate $100 million of federal money for water projects in South Dakota has passed the Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee.

In March 2021, Congress passed and the president signed the American Rescue Plan Act, which provided $1.9 trillion in economic relief to address the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic around the nation. In South Dakota, $600 million of the state’s ARPA funding has already been allocated to support water and wastewater projects.

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Larry Skow

I thought we paid "fees" to all these water/waste water plants so they could build/repair these units. Hundreds of millions are paid in all across the land monthly.


You are so rite. Were is our monthly srevice charge going? A rural water system is basicly selling a free product. Filtering and distabution, wages and upkeep should be covered in the cost of sales. The Service charges we pay is for what? If these companies have been in business for 40 years or more I would bet they got very low interest loans and grants from the Federal Goverment to start the business. I dont want to go back to the nasty well water we had on our farm or living off a wind charger, but if these are true business shouldnt they be generating enough money to cash flow expansion? And before all the haters start up about farmers need to barrow money to expand or stay in business,just rmember this, farmers can get goverment funded insurance programs to gaurntee a profit or at least a breakeven. Water districts are selling a free product.

Larry Skow

With inflation and hi cost of materials $100 million will get 6 rolls of copper tubing and 3 septic tanks installed.

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