Cases Disposed:

July 13-19, 2019

James J. Orr, Artesian; Seat belt violation; $25.

Carl G. Forsell, Neligh, Neb.; Overweight on axle; $760.50.

Susan Kathleen Schreiber, 112 Crest Lane, Yankton; Speeding on a state highway; $87.50.

Michael Patrick McGinn, Junior, Porterville, Calif.; Speeding on other roadways; $107.50.

Virginia L. Gray, Sioux City, Iowa; Speeding on other roadways; $107.50.

Vladimir Kersh, Tea; Aquatic invasive species watercraft; $87.50.

Paul A. Little, Vermillion; Speeding on other roadways; $127.50.

Eric Brett Vollin, Gilbert, Ariz.; Fishing without license - non-resident; $172.50.

Sarah Faith Stibral, 31110 Walleye Dr. #200, Yankton; Speeding on other roadways; $107.50; Seat belt violation; $25.

Victoria Lynn Lammers, 908 Bill Baggs Rd Lot 20, Yankton; Speeding on other roadways; $107.50.

John Harmon Husmann, 709 James Pl, Yankton; Driving with suspended (not revoked) license; $272.50; Seat belt violation; $25.

Kellie Jean Saul, Niobrara, Neb.; Impersonation to deceive law enforcement officer; Dismissed by prosecutor.

Brad A. Stolpe, Newcastle, Neb.; Insufficient number personal flotation device; $112.50.

Michael Lorin Anderson, Vermillion; Seat belt violation; $25.

Michael T. Hilson, 4301 Hermans Loop, Yankton; Renewal registration during assigned month; $122.50.

Christopher Lee Sedersten, Sutton, Neb.; Operate oversize/overweight vehicle; $172.50.

Andrew James Wise, George, Iowa; Driving with suspended (not revoked) license; $272.50.

Bailey Paul Kotalik, Lesterville; Boat-reasonable speed/disturbance; $122.50.

Logan B. Higginbotham, Norfolk, Neb.; Speeding on other roadways; $147.50.

Sean M. Robinson, Hull, Iowa; Insufficient number personal flotation device; $112.50.

Danny Ray Hackney, Belden, Neb.; Overweight on axle; $261.50.

Rick Pearson, Menno; Seat belt violation; $25.

Cameron Lee Bordeaux, Rosebud; Seat belt violation; $25.

Jesse R. Rains, 105 Janes Way; Speeding on a state highway; $107.50.

Michael L. Hauer, Seguin, Texas; Fishing without license – non-resident; $172.50; License revoked for one year.

Jessica Wecker, Mitchell; Seat belt violation; $25.

Mark A. Leader, Crofton, Neb.; Seat belt violation; $25; Speeding on other roadways; $107.50.

Lincoln Guy Dangel, 814 Linn St., Yankton; Exhibition driving; $122.50.

Paul D. Pfister, Newcastle, Neb.; Aquatic invasive species watercraft; $87.50.

Joel Druin, Volin; Speeding on other roadways; $127.50.






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