100 Years Ago

Thursday, January 13, 1921

• The Midway Barber Shop has come back to prewar prices. Shave 20 cents, hair cut 40 cents.

• With the resumption of crossing on the pontoon bridge considerable, Nebraska corn is coming over to the Yankton market and traffic over the bridge is heavy.

75 Years Ago

Sunday, January 13, 1946

• No paper

50 Years Ago

Wednesday, January 13, 1971

• State Geologist Duncan Mc­Gregor recommended Wednesday that the geology department not be moved from the University of South Dakota as recommended in the proposed master plan for higher education. McGregor, a professor of geology at USD and by law the state’s official geologist, told the state board of regents at a public hearing that most of his work in the next 18 years would be concentrated in southeastern South Dakota.

• Reported to Yankton police at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday was the burglary of record albums and stereo tape from a room at the ELM dorm, Yankton College, between Dec. 18 and Jan. 11, while the owner was on Christmas vacation. Entrance was gained to the third floor room by way of the rafters, with some of the ceiling tile being removed.

25 Years Ago

Saturday, January 13, 1996

• Ice is thick this time of year and cabin fever is running high. Such conditions have brought many anglers to Yankton lakes in search of walleye, sauger, crappies and perch.

• Michael Monroe Kiefer, business owner, author, international speaker, radio and television talk show guest, researcher and seminar instructor, is the guest speaker for the Yankton Area Chamber of Commerce’s 125th Annual Dinner Meeting. Kiefer’s address is on “The Powermind System – Achieving Health, Wealth, Power and Success.”

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