PIERRE — Changes made to the South Dakota Codified Laws by the 2019 South Dakota Legislature can now be viewed on the Legislative Research Council’s website, https://sdlegislature.gov/Statutes/Codified_Laws/default.aspx.

A total of 218 bills from the 2019 session passed the Senate and House of Representatives and were signed into law. Unless a bill prescribes when it will take effect or it is passed at a special session, a bill becomes law on the first day of July after its passage.

South Dakota’s government is divided into three distinct branches. The legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch carries out the laws, and the judicial branch interprets the laws.

While the Legislative Research Council maintains the codified laws, people having questions about specific laws should contact the state entity that oversees and regulates them. Contact information for state agencies, boards, and commissions is available on the South Dakota State Government website: http://sd.gov/.

For more information about South Dakota’s government and legislature, visit the Student Resources page on the Legislative Research Council website.


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