The Market at the Meridian will have a slightly different look on Saturday. More of the parking lot at 2nd & Douglas will be used from 9 a.m.-noon. The number of vendors has outgrown the two rows set up previously. There will now be more space between the rows to allow for proper social distancing.

“Moving the vendors further apart will also allow for five extra spots,” Victoria Job, secretary-treasurer of the group said. “Some of the vendors have lines forming that encroach on space allowances. We want to keep customers separated so there is less risk to both them and the vendors.”

“Not all of our 25 vendors come every week, but this will allow for that to happen,” Veronica Trezona, president of Market at the Meridian added. “We can now accommodate at least one food truck, bus or vendor who has an oversized vehicle, possibly two.”

Plans are underway to host Young Entrepreneurs Day on August 15. Anyone who has something to sell, either for profit or to give the money away, please contact either Veronica Trezona at 605-660-5612 or Victoria Job on the Market at the Meridian Facebook page. There is no charge for those under age 18, but a contract must be filled out.

Already one person who was at that day last year, has become a permanent part of the Market. Another one has been at the Market occasionally.

“I think the age difference (nine or ten years) is what makes the difference in dedication,” Trezona stated. “Our youngest entrepreneur only works when he wants the financial reward.”

Market at the Meridian is Yankton’s premier farmer’s market with fresh produce, baked goods, and hand crafted items.

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