100 Years Ago

Thursday, March 25, 1920

• The Bagstad & Aaseth store at Gayville, one of the best appointed trading establishments in the county, was entered by robbers last night and a great quantity of merchandise was stolen. It is thought the thieves made a quick getaway on the early Milwaukee for Sioux City. This train, running at night, is very handy for thieves, and it has often been used by them in this section.

• Alonzo Stane, who came to Yankton in May 1860 from Ohio and has resided here ever since — close to sixty years, was caught at the Milwaukee depot this morning in his first attempt at a getaway in all these years. Lon said he had purchased a ticket for Cody, Nebr., over in the Valentine country, where he was going to enjoy a real vacation with his son Arthur, who has a fine ranch in that country.

75 Years Ago

Sunday, March 25, 1945

• No paper

50 Years Ago

Wednesday, March 25, 1970

• There is a canine distemper endemic in Yankton which could reach epidemic proportions, according to Dr. Robin Hacecky. He reports that both small animal veterinary hospitals Yankton have experienced a number of calls from owners of dogs with distemper.

• As the new president of the National Wildlife Federation, Dr. James H. Shaeffer, Parker, heads a 2½ million member conservation organization. He was elevated to the presidency at the association’s meeting in Chicago Sunday.

25 Years Ago

Saturday, March 25, 1995

• The third grade classes of Michele Luken, Debra Andrea, and Marilyn Kratz at Lincoln School held a science fair March 16, in the school gym. Students prepared exhibits to demonstrate various scientific concepts in the fields of life sciences, earth science, outer space, health, systems of the human body, ecology, and other areas.

• There were 90 boys and 55 girls that reported to coach Jim Miner and his staff to start the 1995 Yankton High School track and field season — truly a remarkable turnout. It is too early to make accurate prognostications, but the Gazelles, because of the great cross country season enjoyed by Jaime Kulbel (the state’s big school champion) and her cohort Amy Stewart, will be heard from — particularly if those two fine runners can get field event support.

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