100 Years Ago

Thursday, September 16, 1920

• The first big musical event of the season will be the Mountain Ash Welsh male concert choir, which is being brought here next Thursday, Sept. 23, by Prof. Dailey of the Conservatory at the College. It is their fourth American tour.

• Twenty cars or more from Yankton, all loaded to capacity, left this morning to make a neighborly visit to Hartington, Neb., and attend the Cedar county fair which is being held there. Most of them carried booster banners or Yankton pennants.

75 Years Ago

Sunday, September 16, 1945

• No paper

50 Years Ago

Wednesday, September 16, 1970

• An estimate was made Wednesday by the Crop Reporting Service that South Dakota cows produced 126 million pounds of milk in August. This was seven per cent below a year ago. But the decline in number of cows, currently estimated at 178,000, also was listed as down six per cent for the year.

• Sgt. Berneal Stratton of the Yankton Police Department has resigned effective Oct. 1. He plans to return to West Germany, where he spent 15 years during his military career of 23 years. His wife is a native of West Germany.

25 Years Ago

Saturday, September 16, 1995

• A Yankton male was abducted Thursday night as he was making a deposit at the First Dakota National Bank, 225 Cedar Street.

• Eric D. Stukel, who surrendered to authorities Friday in connection with the 1992 death of Tammy Ann Haas, posted a $5,000 bond and left the Cedar County Jail at 3 p.m. Friday afternoon.

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