100 Years Ago

Saturday, October 22, 1921

• Timber for construction of the last pier of the Meridian Highway Bridge was being prepared this week. Eleven carloads of concreting material, seven of sand and four of gravel were also received in preparation of the construction.

• Chicken thieves left a rather generous gift on a farm near Utica. While the farm was deprived of its chickens, the owners discovered a purse with $600 in it.

75 Years Ago

Tuesday, October 22, 1946

• The Sacred Heart Hospital received 414 pheasants and two deer from southeastern South Dakota game wardens. The pheasants and deer were taken from 28 hunters who were found guilty of hunting violations.

• Jesse M. Olson, manager of the Northwestern Public Service company, was elected as president of the Yankton Chamber of Commerce at the annual meeting of the Chamber’s board. Retiring president Harold W. Levinger was presented with a certificate of appreciation for his long and faithful service by the Chamber at the annual dinner on the night before.

50 Years Ago

Friday, October 22, 1971

• A $33,100 Bureau of Indian Affairs contract is being awarded to Cimpl’s Inc. Packing Co. of Yankton, the office of Sen. Karl Mundt, R-S.D. said Friday. Cimpl’s will provide meat products for the Pierre, Lower Brule and Fort Thompson Indian schools.

• St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church of Scotland, an early landmark in the community, has a new roof, the exterior has been painted, and thanks to the senior youth group of Christ Episcopal Church in Yankton, the interior now has a new coat of moss green paint.

25 Years Ago

Tuesday, October 22, 1996

• Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, also known as “the Stone Church,” has noted its 125th anniversary with a special day of celebration. The church, built of native rock gathered and split by men of the congregation, sits serenely on the slope of the Jim River valley. The original church was organized in 1871, and after a split and reuniting, a new church was built in 1935.

• Several hundred people turned out for the “Youth Summit at the Summit” Monday night and came away with many ideas. The goal of the summit was to strengthen moral convictions and assist students and parents in healthier relationships. A panel of law enforcement, judicial representatives, social and mental health services, clergy and school administration shared thoughts on prevention methods and received input from the people they serve.

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