100 Years Ago

Friday, July 22, 1921

• Samples of the water to be obtained from the well built in Pier 2 of the Meridian Highway bridge, to determine its nature and quality, will be pumped out tomorrow according to present plans, and workmen have been busy since Wednesday installing a small steam duplex pump on top of the pier for that purpose.

• Instruments for the Yankton Radio Club were ordered today by Homer Fitch, its president, and as they arrive they will be set up at the college. They should come in about three weeks, and will cost nearly $400.

75 Years Ago

Monday, July 22, 1946

• No paper available

50 Years Ago

Thursday, July 22, 1971

• Delmar Peterson, assistant barbeque chairman and Irvin Stevens, barbeque chairman, got a sample of the beef ribs cooked at Gunderson Park, northwest of Centerville. The barbeque was attended by members of the South Dakota Feeders Association and their wives. Nearly 1000 pounds of beef ribs were consumed by the attendees representing ten counties in eastern SD.

• The adventure of Bilbo Baggins will take place on the Marian Auditorium stage tomorrow evening at 7:30 p.m. The participants of Mount Marty College’s Youth Theatre, co-sponsored by the MMC oral communications department and SD Fine Arts Council are excited to present “The Hobbit,” a play of adventure for all ages.

25 Years Ago

Monday, July 22, 1996

• The Atlanta Olympic Games have officially taken off, with Tom Dolan bringing home gold for the USA in the 400 meter swim. Dolan, who has exercise-induced asthma, can only take in 20 percent of the oxygen the average person can, but it didn’t stop him. After grueling, even dangerous training sessions, Dolan bested the field.

• The Fifth Annual Riverboat Bucks Basketball Tournament will be held this weekend in the parking lot of Laddie Cimpl Arena on the MMC campus. Signups will continue through Friday, with openings remaining in all divisions, so any team of four should register immediately.

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