100 Years Ago

Saturday, August 16, 1919

• Yankton police are searching for an auto stolen at Elk Point during the carnival there. Next week Yankton will have a carnival, so this is a good time to suggest that Yankton folks take extra care of their cars next week.

• Oliver Olson, aged twelve years, in hospital the result of an accident with a mowing machine, reports himself as doing nicely. Oliver says his name is not Will as first reported to this office, and that he is twelve and not eleven years of age.

75 Years Ago

Wednesday, August 16, 1944

• Yankton’s need of a modern swimming pool, a subject which has been periodically discussed and investigated here for many years without much result, was tackled again last night when representatives of various local civic organizations, of the city, the school board and Yankton college, together with a number of interested citizens, met on the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce to see what might be done on the matter.

• At a meeting of the board of education of the Yankton independent school district, held on Monday night, a budget for the school year 1944-45 was adopted which is $15,000 greater in amount than the one adopted for the year which ended June 30, last.

50 Years Ago

Saturday, August 16, 1969

• Dawn Sturzenbecker had plenty of competition at the open pet show at the Turner County Fair at Parker Friday, but her goose won most unusual pet honors.

• School pupil transportation — bus service — is being instituted in the Yankton Public School System this fall, and information regarding it is now going out to the parents of rural pupils who expect to make use of the service.

25 Years Ago

Tuesday, August 16, 1994

• Eleven-year-old Chris Kniffen didn’t expect over 250 people to be paying big bucks for his art, but they will be soon. Kniffen’s creative handiwork will adorn Riverboat Days T-shirts being sold this year at the 11th annual Yankton festival.

• Lillehammer, Lodge #633, Sons of Norway is currently being organized in the Yankton Area. Sons of Norway encourages the preservation of Norwegian heritage and ties between the United States and Norway.

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