100 Years Ago

Sunday, January 15, 1922

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75 Years Ago

Wednesday, January 15, 1947

• The high school annual staff has launched its efforts into the planning and production of the Arickara yearbook which will go to press in Sioux Falls early in March. Art Reetz, who is editor of the annual this year, announces that its make-up will be centered around a “younger generation.” It will be book-bound leatherette with a boy-and-girl cover.

• The public’s responsibility to observe the ordinary courtesies of the road when the police, fire or ambulance siren is sounded, and a warning that failure to give fire trucks or ambulances the right-of-way sometimes can result in serious consequences were emphasized today in a joint appeal to Yankton citizens by the police and fire departments. One example occurred last week when Fire Chief Cecil S. Bauer said he had to stop at one corner to allow two trucks and a passenger car to go by before he was able to continue the trip to the fire.

50 Years Ago

Saturday, January 15, 1972

• Eleven people were left homeless on Friday when a fire destroyed three mobile homes in Yankton. None of the residents were injured, but the firemen responding to the fire suffered frostbite and other minor injuries due to the sub-zero weather and gusty winds.

• Rodney D. Jilg, formerly of Yankton, received his doctorate in English from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Jilf, as well two of his sisters and their husbands, attended the ceremony.

25 Years Ago

Wednesday, January 15, 1997

• Sororities and fraternities at the University of South Dakota must pay property taxes because a judge ruled that they exist primarily for the benefit of their members. Ten Greek houses sued Clay County last fall, contending they shouldn’t have to pay property taxes because South Dakota law exempts some charitable organizations and groups that relieve government burdens.

• Organized townships will be seeking private contracts for snow removal. On Tuesday, Yankton County Commissioners voted to no longer provide snow removal services through contracts with the organized townships until the county roads and secondary roads are cleared.

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