Money Issues At Core Of Legislative Forum

A large crowd turned out at RTEC in Yankton Saturday for the first District 18 cracker barrel of the 2023 session.

Upcoming issues for the state Legislature were discussed at the District 18 cracker barrel in Yankton Saturday. It was the first of three such forums this session.

Sen. Jean Hunhoff, Rep. Julie Auch and Rep. Mike Stevens were on hand to answer questions at the Yankton Thrive-sponsored event at the CMTEA building. 

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Larry Skow

Money Issues? Now Hunoff and others whining about money! Why didn't the start 50/40/30/20/10 years ago looking at bringing in VIABLE industries with good jobs. Or recently all the EV plants/Chip plants being built--never made effort to secure one of those. Mrs. Hunhoff and GOP mafia---why not ask your two biggest money makers for more tax $$$$. You know Tourism/Agriculture--start milking more out of them? How about MANURE tax on feedlots? Tax the political fairy tales---you know they start with WHEN I AM ELECTED. Or tax the political donations at election time. Start with 50% maybe?

Larry Skow

Do like every household budget/Business has to do. Cut Expenses. Freeze wages on top officials--maybe even roll their wages back 25%. Cut all the LBGTQ B.S. Cut these "entitlement" programs. How about a license fee on each "lobbyist"?

Say $150,000 a year. After all it not their money they throw around anyway. Come on GOP MAFIA--start to become the mighty leaders you claim to be.

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