Mike and Cindy Huether

Yankton natives Mike and Cindy Huether greet the audience during Tuesday’s press conference announcing their family foundation’s gift of $1 million toward the proposed Yankton aquatic center.

The Dive In Yankton (DIY) effort received a million more reasons to be thankful during this week’s holiday.

The Mike, Cindy Huether and Kylie Huether Family Foundation — with the two Yankton natives and their daughter as officers — has pledged $1 million toward the $14.8 million proposed aquatic center.

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Reading the story about the Huethers giving DIY a pledge is such an insult to the people opposing the aquatic center who live in Yankton. Not everyone supports the Aquatic Center but the speakers want you to believe everyone does. A pledge is given to charity cases based on the definition. Are the citizens of Yankton charity cases that an out of town organization has to come in and pledge money?What are the Huethers getting in return as that is how pledges work. The story is really a slap in the face to Yankton taxpayers and citizens who do not support DIY. I and others are truly offended that an out of town charity organization believe the citizens of Yankton need charity and giving money and media exposure to an election to obviously influence people instead of letting the voters decide. Oh look they gave us money so we should drive everyone else into more debt. Vote NO on the aquatic center opt out.


So on one hand this group that is against growth in this community says that there needs to be more private donations or the city needs to pay for more and not the tax payers. Well here you have a wonderful donation from two members of families that live and raised these two in this very town being chastized as being nothing more charity donation. Claiming that the city of Yankton is just a charity case is just flat out rhetoric to try justify the way you feel about this one project.
Did this same group of people who seem to be against all growth have the same message when Tom Brokaw and his wife again both members of this community during their life donated to construct the auld Brokaw trail? Did you say that it was just a "CHARITY" donation? There is so much hiprocarcy in the community its exhausting. I hope one day we can all come together and agree to do what needs to be town in order for this community to be strong for years and years to come.

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