PIERRE — The Transportation Commission of the South Dakota Department of Transportation has opened the bids for, and accepted the lowest bids, on six construction projects across the state. The lone bid on a seventh project came in too much higher than the estimated cost by the state engineers, thus it was rejected.

The rejected bid was for a landslide repair in Jerauld County on South Dakota 34 west of Wessington Springs. The engineer’s estimate is $201,355.95. The only bid turned in was for $310,500.00, which was unacceptably too high over the engineer’s estimate.

In Hanson County, a structure project of a prestressed girder bridge includes approach grading and asphalt surfacing. It is on S.D. 42, 7.5 miles east of the Davison County line over the James River. The engineer’s estimate was $7,871,748.13. The winning bid went to Perrett Construction LTD for $7,258,435.18.

In Codington, Grant and Roberts counties, the project went to RAM Construction Services of Michigan, Inc. for $648,169.48. This was under the engineer’s estimate was $724,096.41. The project involves bridge deck polymer chip seal improvements to bridges on Interstate 29. These are located eight miles north of US212; 4.8 miles south of SD20; two miles north of the Codington County line; 6.2 miles & 0.6 miles south of US12; at US12; and two miles south of the Roberts County line.

In Bon Homme County, the project is shoulder widening, asphalt concrete surfacing, box culverts, and culvert extensions at SD37 from north of Springfield to SD50. The engineer’s estimate was $6,360,254.50. The winning contractor is Foothills Contracting, Inc. for $7,122,429.62.

In Hutchinson and Turner counties, the project is asphalt concrete surfacing and guardrail improvement on US18 from US81 to SD19. The engineer’s estimate was $5,853,784.05. Spencer Quarries Incorporated turned in the lowest bid of $6,193,326.29.

In Day, Marshall and Roberts counties, the project involves signing and delineation for various county, city, and township roads. The engineer’s estimate was $2,327,060.60. The lowest bid was turned in by Hamm Contracting, LLC for $2,364,782.48.

In Lake County, a structure project on Center Street E just east of Lincoln Avenue over Madison Creek entails approach grading and a water-main repair. The engineer’s estimate was $401,341.20. The lowest bid, made by Dakota Contracting Corporation, of $518,523.62 was accepted by the commission..

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