100 Years Ago

Thursday, August 7, 1919

• With strikes in the air, they seem to be in the water as well, around here at least. Fishermen bold report that the fish refuse to bite or do any of the other things men would have them do, in the Jim these days.

• There seems to be one man in this city who has no particular objection to losing part of his automobile. That is the report of Asa Grant, in charge of the parks and parkings of the city. He has a part of some man’s automobile, and he is just waiting for the owner to come and claim it.

75 Years Ago

Monday, August 7, 1944

• A weekend strike of A.F.L. over-the-road truck drivers in Omaha, Sioux City, Minneapolis and Kansas City has brought to a halt all trucked-in freight to Yankton, according to announcement from local transportation companies this forenoon.

• Dr. Frank W. Haas, assistant superintendent at the South Dakota State Hospital here for the past five years and a member of its medical staff since 1927, has been appointed superintendent to succeed the late Dr. G.S. Adams. Dr. Haas has gained wide recognition in the field of psychiatry and has been one of the leading exponents of shock therapies, which have proved so successful in the treatment of certain types of mental cases.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, August 7, 1969

• A second contingent of Nebraska National Guard troops will leave for 15 days of summer camp training Saturday at Fort Riley, Kan. The group includes units from Omaha, Wahoo, Wayne, O’Neill, Norfolk and Columbus.

• In the special election Tuesday, Aug. 19, on the proposed change in the form of city government, the question will be worded, “Shall the City of Yankton change its form of government from the commission form with a city manager to the commission form with a board of five members consisting of a mayor and four commissioners?”

25 Years Ago

Sunday, August 7, 1994

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