SAN ANTONIO, Texas — Ashli Becker of Yankton brought home two top 10 finishes from the national competition at the Phi Beta Lambda National Leadership Conference in San Antonio. She joined her teammates in bringing home 15 national awards including 13 top ten trophies.

More than 1,300 of America’s best and brightest college students traveled to Texas to “Create. Lead. Inspire” as they competed for the opportunity to win more than $110,000 in cash awards. This year’s National Leadership Conference took place in San Antonio from June 24–27.

These highly competitive students from all over the United States took part in 60 different business and business-related events. In order to make it to the national conference, participants must first receive a first, second, or third in their event at the state level.

Becker and teammate, Rozlyn Cole (Wymore, Nebraska) took ninth place in the Integrated Marketing Campaign competition. Becker’s team won first place at the state competition held in Kearney, Nebraska, earning her berth in the national competition.

Researching, creating and presenting an integrated marketing campaign is a challenge for all prospective owners of businesses. This event provides recognition for PBL members who demonstrate a real-world understanding of marketing principles.

Becker was also on a team that took tenth place in the national competition for Marketing Analysis and Decision Making. Her teammates were Velma Hauck (Fremont) and Nancy Ramirez (Tecumseh). The team won second place at the state competition.

This event recognizes PBL members who possess knowledge across the core curriculum in the area of marketing. A 60-minute objective test of competencies included Advertising and Promotion/Sales Management; Consumer Behavior; E-Commerce; Marketing Management; Marketing Principles and Concept; Marketing Research; Public Relations. Competitors also completed an interactive role play situation that included consumer behavior, advertising, e-commerce, public relations, research, etc.

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