100 Years Ago

Thursday, October 13, 1921

• Finishing touches are being put on the new fire house on Main Street in Mission Hill. Outside work has been completed, and as soon as the interior has been finished, including the floor, it will be ready for us.

• Henry W. Tomlinson, former supervising architect for Dr. Mead on the buildings at the State Hospital who helped Yankton County finish the court house after the architect died, is now superintendent of construction of the new Illinois state penitentiary at Joliet.

75 Years Ago

Sunday, October 13, 1946

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50 Years Ago

Wednesday, October 13, 1971

• Twenty-two neighbors and friends combined beans at the Edward Hessman farm near Wakonda on Tuesday, Oct. 5. Mr. Hessman is a patient in the Viborg hospital. Lunch was furnished by neighbors and friends.

• The annual Swedish Smorgasbord, featuring Swedish dishes prepared by Wausa, Neb., residents, will be held at the Community auditorium on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Old time Swedish congeniality and atmosphere will be seen throughout the evening through the costumes of the waitresses and the authentic Swedish food such as ostkaka and lingonberries, meatballs, home-made breads, cheeses and the favorite drink which is egg coffee.

25 Years Ago

Sunday, October 13, 1996

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