Mount Marty College (MMC) is bringing its students, their families and the community together in a new way.

Instead of this spring, the college’s homecoming week will be held Oct. 7-13, overlapping into the school’s annual family weekend.

This was a decision made by MMC’s Student Government after seeing that numbers have been dwindling in attendance for homecoming weekend and family weekend.

"We thought putting them together would increase attendance by students, families, alumni and everyone else," MMC senior Taryn Urbaniak explained. "We also thought it would increase awareness of the events going on."

The student government chose a week where there weren’t any othermajor events planned and when there would be home athletic events.

Despite the change, MMC junior Molly Koisti said family weekend would still play out as usual, albeit with more options of things to do.

MMC’s homecoming week will begin Oct. 7, with activities for the students taking place throughout the week. Students will be able to participate in dress-up days, grocery bingo and movie night.

Friday will mark the inclusion of family and community members joining in on the fun.

Live band karaoke will be held on the campus Friday night with a 5K walk/run the following morning to benefit Pathways Shelter for the Homeless.

That same morning, a tour will be given of the new Avera Science & Nursing Center.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference in the homecoming aspect of the weekend will be with coronation. Previously held at the Marian Auditorium on campus, the plan is to have it at the Crane-Youngworth Field in between the MMC men and women soccer games Saturday evening.

"We thought it’d be fun to have coronation (at the field) because it’s the inaugural year of the soccer teams playing there," Urbaniak explained.

Koisti believes having homecoming and family weekend together would encourage a good turnout for both the soccer and volleyball games on that Saturday.

"We have such a great following from students at games," she said. "By focusing on homecoming and family weekend around that, we can really fill the stands and show our Lancer pride."

Combining homecoming with family weekend makes it more inclusive, said Director of Student Activities Lisa Willcockson.

"Homecoming becomes not just a Mount Marty event," she said. "By involving families and the greater community of Yankton, we would like to see increased participation interactions between the Mount Marty and Yankton communities."

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