Wausa Care Facility

This May 2018 photo shows the Wausa Care and Rehabilitation Center. The nursing home previously suffered financial woes under a New Jersey-based company and went into receivership of Klaasmeyer and Associate, which has filed a motion to close the facility and transfer residents and patients after continued financial problems. The facility recorded an average of 15 resdents in November. A hearing is set for next month in Knox County (Neb.) District Court.

WAUSA, Neb. — A Knox County District Judge will hear next month an Omaha firm’s motion to close the Wausa, Nebraska, nursing home and transfer residents and patients to other facilities.

Klaasmeyer and Associates was appointed the temporary receiver when a number of Nebraska nursing homes, including Wausa and Hartington, Nebraska, ran into financial woes under a New Jersey-based company.

The motion to transfer patients was filed last week in Knox County District Court Judge Mark Johnson will hear the motion Feb. 26 at the Knox County Courthouse in Center.

In the motion, Ken Klaasmeyer outlines the financial difficulties which have led to the request to close the Wausa nursing home.

“The receiver has conducted a regular census of residents and patients of Wausa Care. The average daily census for November 2018 was 15.42 residents per day, and this census number has varied little druing the course of the receivership,” the court record said.

The motion outlines the steps which have been taken since March 23, 2018, when the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services appointed Klaasmeyer and Associates as temporary receive.

“Since being appointed, the receiver has applied current operating expenses, giving priority to expenditures for current, direct resident care, including nursing care, social services, dietary services and housekeeping,” the motion said.

Since its appointment, Klaasmayer and Associates has preserved receivership assets, property and records of residents.

The receiver has also prepared monthly financial statements and provided it to certain parties in according with the court order dated April 16, 2018.

“Due to the low census and corresponding poor financial performance of Wausa Care from March 23, 2018, to November 30, 2018, and the anticipation that Wausa Care will continue to operate at a significant financial loss each month, the receiver has determined that Wausa Care should be closed and that residents or patients be transferred to another suitable facility;

“And, as set forth herein and in the supporting affidavit of Kenneth Klaasmeyer, the receiver has reasonable grounds to believe the health care facility cannot be operated on a sound financial basis and, accordingly, requests authority from the court to make other provisions for the continued health, safety and welfare of the residents or parients by transferring such resident or patient to another suitable facilty….

“Klaasmeyer and Associates requests that this Court authorize the orderly transfer of all residents and patients at …Wausa Care and Rehabilitation Center LLC to other suitable facilities.”

The Press & Dakotan could not immediately determine if a similar action has been filed in Cedar County District Court for the Hartington facility.

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