Meth Bust Reported  In Wagner

WAGNER — Thanks to a tip from a member of the public, the authorities have made a methamphetamine bust in Wagner.

The Wagner Police Department announced the news Friday evening on its Facebook page. In addition, the department posted photos of the confiscated drugs and paraphernalia.

“The Wagner Police Department received a tip that a group of individuals were distributing methamphetamine to our community,” the post said. “Thanks to that outstanding citizen for reporting it, 4.64 grams of meth was removed from our streets!!”

Police Chief Tim Simonsen leads the Wagner Police Department. The Facebook post referenced the joint efforts of various law enforcement agencies in carrying out the bust.

“Thank you to the Charles Mix County Sheriff’s Office, Yankton Sioux Tribal Police and S.D. Highway Patrol for your assistance; without you guys, this wouldn’t have been possible!” the post said.

At this time, the authorities are not releasing the number or names of the suspects in the drug bust.

“As much as we would love to release all the names, we are not able to do so per policies we must follow,” the post said.

Law enforcement agencies have encouraged the public to step forward with tips on drugs and other criminal activity. The authorities have said the public provides more eyes and ears for officers to know what is happening in the community.

In this case, the tip allowed city and tribal police, the sheriff’s office and the highway patrol to crack down on drug use and trafficking.

The Wagner Police Department’s post about the drug bust drew a large amount of public response.

At one point Sunday night, the Facebook post had drawn 561 responses, 124 comments and 134 shares.

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