COVID Grounds Corps’ Bald Eagle Days Again

The highly popular Bald Eagle Days at the Lewis and Clark Visitors Center has been canceled for the second consecutive year.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced the decision on its Facebook page. The visitors center is located on Calumet Bluff overlooking Gavins Point Dam.

“Staff at Gavins Point made the decision to unfortunately cancel Bald Eagle Days for the second year due to the ongoing COVID pandemic,” the post said.

“However, this year there is an amazing opportunity to see one of the largest migrations of bald eagles to the Gavins Point Dam area in recent memory. Some people have reported seeing nearly 100 eagles within a mile of the dam along the Missouri River in the last couple weeks.”

Visitors who want to see the eagles are asked to remember the following:

• Keep your distance. Bald eagles are very sensitive to human disturbance and will likely fly away if you get too close. Causing them to fly can make them lose their food, which is already scarce in the winter months.

• A good guideline is stay at least 330 feet from perching eagles and stay behind an obstruction like a vehicle or a tree.

• Don’t stop on or along the roadway as this causes traffic hazards. Stopping on the roadway is not only dangerous, but also illegal and could earn you a citation. Pull into one of the parking areas and view the eagles safely.

• The best time to see eagles below the dam is early morning, when they are the most active.

“Enjoy watching our national bird but do it in a safe and responsible manner,” the Corps advised in its post.

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