100 Years Ago

Thursday, January 15, 1920

• The funeral of Dr. L.C. Mead will be held Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the hospital where he devoted his life to the unfortunate and burial will be on the hospital grounds.

• The high school basketball will leave in the morning for Lennox to play the team from that high school tomorrow evening. Coach Dice is taking on the trip Falk, Rogers, Knapp, Nelson, Herbert McMurtry and Wilfred McMurtry.

75 Years Ago

Monday, January 15, 1945

• The “brownout” order, issued by the federal government on Thursday directing the elimination of unnecessary lighting as a fuel conservation measure, has as yet not been received in Yankton.

• Dr. G. Stenson, who was severely burned Thursday night when the gas furnace at his home exploded, is reported progressing satisfactorily today. Dr. Stenson suffered first, second and third degree burns about his hands, arms and face in the explosion which occurred when he attempted to relight the pilot burner in his furnace.

50 Years Ago

Thursday, January 15, 1970

• Expansion of U.S. air travel is expected to continue this year, but the rate of growth may drop off considerably as Americans become more concerned about their inflation-damaged dollars.

• Audrey Adams of Vermillion and Michael McCormack of Yankton have been named winners of the Yankton Elks local Youth Leadership Contest.

25 Years Ago

Sunday, January 15, 1995

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