Lake Andes Man Charged With Death Threat Against Circuit Judge


LAKE ANDES — A Lake Andes man faces charges for allegedly threatening to kill a First Circuit Court judge and for other actions.

Chaske Joseph Rockboy, 39, faces three counts related to a Dec. 2 incident and subsequent arrest in Charles Mix County.

Rockboy allegedly threatened to kill Judge Bruce Anderson of Wagner. The suspect was arrested Thursday for threatening a judicial officer and for possession of a controlled substance, both Class 5 felonies, and for resisting arrest, a Class 1 misdemeanor.

In South Dakota, a Class 5 felony carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. A Class 1 misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $2,000 fine.

Rockboy is being held at the Charles Mix County Jail in Lake Andes on $50,000 bond, according to Sheriff Randy Thaler.

No special courtroom security will be ordered when Anderson next presides over court since the person allegedly making the threat is in custody, the sheriff said.

Rockboy is expected to make his initial court appearance next week and could face additional misdemeanor charges, Thaler said.

In court documents, Charles Mix County Chief Deputy Sheriff Derik Rolston said he received a report Dec. 2 of Rockboy being on Facebook Live threatening to kill a judge. The chief deputy searched Rockboy’s Facebook account to see the video.

Rolston described a segment starting 58 minutes into the 1 hour, 14 minute video. (The Press & Dakotan has not included the entirety of some expletives,)

“Mr. Rockboy states, ‘Bruce Anderson, you sent me to f------ prison, you f------ molester. Bitch, I am going to kill you for raping my niece sister you f------ bitch, just know that your day is coming,’” Rolston said, adding that Rockboy called on others to take action against the judge.

The chief deputy said the video ended with these remarks from Rockboy: “Like I said, you don’t f--- with prayers, I do not control his fate. I am going to tell you now, I have already asked can you commit any acts of violence when you are a pipe carrier. He said no, so I don’t want to be a pipe carrier yet.”

After reviewing the allegations and threats against Anderson, the Charles Mix County sheriff’s office searched for Rockboy, according to Rolston’s statements in court documents.

Thaler and Rolston located Rockboy in his vehicle in Lake Andes.

Rolston said he initiated a traffic stop with Rockboy, who refused to yield for law enforcement until Deputy Jan Budavich had positioned her patrol vehicle in front of Rockboy at the intersection of School Street and Fourth Avenue in Lake Andes.

In court documents, Rolston described the arrest attempt.

Rockboy came to a complete stop, with Thaler telling the suspect to exit his vehicle. Rockboy refused to do so and asked why he was being pulled over by authorities.

Thaler said the stop was made because Rockboy had threatened to kill a judicial officer. The sheriff told Rockboy to unlock the car door because he was under arrest.

Rockboy failed to comply with Thaler’s orders, and the sheriff told him to unlock the door and exit his vehicle several times and failed to do so, according to court records.

“Sheriff Thaler told Mr. Rockboy, if he did not comply, we will break his passenger window to gain entry. Mr. Rockboy still failed to comply,” Rolston said. “Sheriff Thaler again gave several orders to open the door. Mr. Rockboy refused. During the encounter with Mr. Rockboy, you could smell a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from inside of the vehicle.”

At that point, Rolston said he used a baton to break the passenger window of Rockboy’s vehicle to gain entry inside and was able to unlock the door. Thaler had opened the driver’s side door and told Rockboy to get out, but he refused and grabbed the steering wheel with his right hand as Budavich had control of his left arm. Rockboy was told several times to exit the vehicle and refused to do so.

“Mr. Rockboy was forcibly removed from his vehicle and was taken to the ground. Mr. Rockboy claimed we had hurt his back. Therefore, we had called an ambulance to take him to Wagner Community Hospital to be evaluated for his injuries,” Rolston said.

“While waiting for the ambulance, Mr. Rockboy again asked why he was being arrested. I advised Mr. Rockboy that he was being arrested for threatening a judicial officer.”

The Lake Andes ambulance arrived to take Rockboy to the Wagner hospital, Rolston said in his statement. During the transport, Rockboy asked the ambulance crew for a medical waste container for throwing something away. The ambulance staff gave Rockboy a sharps container and observed him put a glass pipe and a green leafy substance in the container.

While at the Wagner hospital, the Lake Andes ambulance crew alerted Budavich of what they had witnessed. She took the contents out of the container and found a burnt crystal white substance, presumed to be methamphetamine.

“Based on the glass pipe and the marijuana, I applied for a search warrant for a DUI (driving under the influence) investigation for blood. The search warrant was granted by Judge (Patrick) Smith,” Rolston said.

“I went to the Wagner hospital to execute the search warrant. During the execution of the search warrant, Mr. Rockboy told me I had to contact his parole officer. I advised that I did not have to contact him.”

Rockboy’s mother was in the room and called the parole officer on speaker phone, Rolston said.

“Mr. Rockboy eventually admitted to his parole officer that he was going to be hot for meth,” the chief deputy said.

At that point, the parole officer told Rockboy that he needed to cooperate with the search warrant, Rolston said. A registered nurse drew blood from Rockboy’s left arm using sterile water, the chief deputy added.

No further information was immediately available on whether Rockboy was incarcerated, if he had made a court appearance and if he could face additional charges.

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