100 Years Ago

Wednesday, November 23, 1921

• Aerial methods will be used in a double way to bring victory in the Wesleyan-Yankton football game at College field tomorrow afternoon. The team counts on the aerial method to gain ground in the game, and the chemistry laboratories were to be busy tonight filling small balloons with hydrogen to float out over the crowd and help keep up their pep and interest.

• Local people are taking considerable interest in the Rotary Club which has been organized in Yankton. A thorough survey of every city is made by district officials before it is decided that a Rotary Club should be organized.

75 Years Ago

Saturday, November 23, 1946

• Heavy duty motor vehicles used on the Fort Randall dam project are being assembled and made ready to be taken to headquarters in Omaha. A few will be retained here, including a heavy roller for street work, a fire engine snow plow and some lighter trucks. More than 100 motor vehicles have been employed here in the drilling and other work of the project.

• The J. C. Mullaney Grain company announced that work had started on a new $35,000 seed processing plant to replace the current building. The first floor of the plant was to be devoted four different types of seed cleaners for field seeds and corn with a second floor occupied by a corn grader and eight bins.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, November 23, 1971

• The House of Mary Shrine on Lewis and Clark Lake had its canonical erection on Monday. The Most Rev. Bishop Lambert Hoch journeyed from Sioux Falls to participate in the event.

• A meeting was set for discussion regarding construction of Highway 50 through Vermillion. Governor John Barstow, along with representatives from the state Highway Department, University of South Dakota (USD) administration, USD Student Association and the City of Vermillion, were to discuss the legal action taken by the Student Association who contended that the widened highway would be hazardous to pedestrian since Highway 50 – also known as Cherry Street – passes through the campus.

25 Years Ago

Saturday, November 23, 1996

• Mount Marty College Homecoming activities continued with the crowning of Kari Hohn and Paul Preister as Lord and Lady Marben on Friday. A double-header basketball game today would continue the festivities.

• The Danzig Baptist Church of rural Avon received a $1,500 gift from the Wal-Mart Foundation. The money was to be used for the youth room of their new church building.

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