100 Years Ago

Friday, February 13, 1920

• Yankton was having four big parties last night in a two block area which might have astounded the average visitor and made him think that the wild revelry of bankrupt Vienna was here in spots.

• Having already done remarkably well in reindeer farming in Alaska, Uncle Sam is to be asked now to try his hand with musk oxen, to the end that the national meat bill may be cut down and a permanent supply of beef ensured.

75 Years Ago

Tuesday, February 13, 1945

• Three livestock men of Onawa, Ia., in a great hurry to get into Yankton for a load of livestock waiting for them here, set peace officers in this section of the state “by the ears” in the wee, small hours this morning. At 3:40 a.m. the Yankton police department received a telephone call from the police department of Vermillion saying that a car had just gone through town at fully 50 miles an hour and was headed west.

• Eleven hundred farms in Bon Homme and Yankton counties will be able to use electrical equipment to increase production of livestock, dairy products and poultry within three years after large scale power line construction can be started by the recently organized Bon Homme Yankton Rural Electric Association.

50 Years Ago

Friday, February 13, 1970

• Carl Youngworth, recognized as the “dean” of physical education in South Dakota collegiate circles, will be stepping down next year at Yankton College. Dr. Paul Williams, executive vice president, announced Thursday night that Youngworth is retiring this June as director of physical education, but will continue to teach courses in the department in 1970-71.

• City Police patrol cars will soon have a new look. The Police Department will replace the present black and white color scheme with a blue and white pattern – blue body with white top and trunk. The City Commission authorized the new color pattern in order to increase patrol car visibility.

25 Years Ago

Monday, February 13, 1995

• Sometime after 8 p.m. tonight, the Yankton School Board will take action which will effectively erase the attendance center boundaries for elementary schools in the Yankton School District. Although the existing policy gives the superintendent of schools great authority to assign or transfer students within the district, the proposed policy delegates exclusive authority to the superintendent.

• Governor Bill Janklow’s proposed medical-provider tax, which would raise $37 million annually in his property-tax relief package, dominated Saturday’s legislative forum at Muggsy’s restaurant in Yankton. While the outdoor weather was bitter cold, the proposed tax heated up the hour-long discussion marking the midway point of the 1995 session for the District 18 lawmakers.

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