100 Years Ago

Friday, June 13, 1919

• Ross Bails, fifteen years old October last, son of Fred Bails, was drowned between six and seven last evening in the Missouri River at the foot of Third Street. The body was recovered at a quarter of ten this morning.

• Henry Tammen, Sr. had a very serious tumble at the Ben Katz store last evening. He was found at the bottom of the flight of stairs in the basement. He had sustained a wound in the head and for a while there was much anxiety. This morning Mr. Tammen was reported as doing very nicely.

75 Years Ago

Tuesday, June 13, 1944

• As a result of the weekend storms which left four to six inches of rain over a considerable portion of Yankton County, the Great Northern railroad, which uses the Northwestern tracks from Mission Hill to Volin, yesterday began transporting passengers and mail by highway to Volin because the Northwestern bridge over Clay Creek just west of Volin is under water and damage has been done to the structure.

• The annual Flag Day service, sponsored by the B.P.O. Elks which in past years has attracted large audiences locally, will be held again on Flag Day, tomorrow at 8 p.m. in front of the Elks club on Walnut St. Dr. R.F. Patterson, of the department of government of the University of South Dakota, will be the guest speaker.

50 Years Ago

Friday, June 13, 1969

• The first sale of food stamps in Yankton County will be Tuesday, June 17, in the highway engineer’s office in the Yankton County Courthouse.

• Yankton Chief of Police Lloyd Zellhoefer called attention this morning to the posting of signs at all intersections in Yankton where there are traffic signal lights, “Right on red after stop.” It is hoped that permitting cars to turn right on the red light will speed up the flow of traffic so that there will not be quite so long lines of cars backed up at each signal light at certain periods of the day.

25 Years Ago

Monday, June 13, 1994

• The new dam in Hutchinson County that will restore Lake Menno will be named in honor of the late Governor George S. Mickelson.

• Dixie Varilek, a Yankton County Deputy Sheriff’s officer, was at McDonalds Saturday as part of Cares for Kids, a program set up to fingerprint kids, and in the event that they are missing, the fingerprints can be used to aid the search. The participants each received a free ice cream cone from McDonalds.

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