100 Years Ago

Tuesday, December 2, 1919

• Amendment of the Nebraska constitution so as to give women unrestricted voting privileges will be sought by the Nebraska woman suffrage association through a state constitutional convention which went into session today to revise the state’s constitution.

• Shuetz brothers are tearing out the front of their tin shop at 415 West Third and putting in a new entrance – wide enough to admit automobiles. Their Meridian Garage will carry on there during the winter with the hope of bigger things in that direction with the coming of spring.

75 Years Ago

Saturday, December 2, 1944

• According to reports to the police department, a full case of cigarettes was stolen yesterday from a delivery truck of the Horacek dray line while deliveries were being made to stores along Broadway. The loss is 12,000 cigarettes.

• Wilbur, the 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John Peters living 4 ½ miles northeast of Wagner, may lose his eye as the result of an accident. The lad was skinning a skunk when the knife slipped and pierced his eyeball.

50 Years Ago

Tuesday, December 2, 1969

• Chad Laposky, 2, is hospitalized at Vermillion in good condition after he fell into a motel swimming pool here. Apparently Chad had wandered to the Tomahawk Motel from his home about two blocks away and was found by his father when the officers came to his aid.

• Visitations to South Dakota State Parks and recreation areas for the first nine months of 1969 increased 765,000 or 26 percent over the same period last year. The largest number of persons to use a recreation area was at Lewis and Clark near Yankton where 179,373 visitations were recorded in July.

25 Years Ago

Friday, December 2, 1994

• Walking to school or playing in a neighborhood, Yankton children are protected with 86 McGruff Houses. The program is in its third year of operation through the Yankton Police Department.

• Since 1985 when South Dakota began recording confirmed cases of HIV Positive, through today, 221 cases are on the books with 80 diagnosed with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Such data was shared with Beadle PTA members during their monthly meeting. In recognition of World AIDS Day, school nurse Ladonna Kniffen and counselor Barb Lingor presented ways to discuss AIDS with children.

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