Yankton Schools Win SD Science Olympiad Titles

VERMILLION — The University of South Dakota hosted the 35th annual South Dakota Science Olympiad State Tournament on March 23.

Yankton Middle School and Yankton High School took first place in their divisions, and as a result of their victories, they have been invited to participate in the Science Olympiad National Tournament at Cornell University May 31-June 1.

Full results are as follows:


1st Place: Yankton Middle School, Coaches: Nicole Mehlhaff and Tina Hammond

2nd Place: Sacred Heart Middle School, Coach: Rebecca Loutsch

3rd Place: Dakota Valley Middle School, Coaches: Amanda Vande Vegte and Miranda Arnold

4th Place: Mickelson Middle School, Coaches: Marci Green and Christopher Mitchell

5th Place: Elk Point-Jefferson Middle School, Coaches: Angela Peirce and Nicole Pribil

6th Place: Harrisburg North Middle School, Coach: Hannah Caffee

7th Place: Vermillion Middle School, Coach: Kurt Seibel


1st Place: Yankton High School, Coaches: Ashlee Fleming and Lindsay Kortan

2nd Place: Brookings High School, Coach: Jessica Callahan

3rd Place: Dakota Valley High School, Coaches: Sarah Wonders and Miranda Ritts

4th Place: Elk Point-Jefferson High School, Coaches: Angela Peirce and Nicole Pribil

For more information about South Dakota Science Olympiad, visit the state website (http://sites.usd.edu/sdscienceolympiad/home) or contact State Director Clark Bennett at sdscienceolympiad@usd.edu or 605-658-5973.

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