A South Dakota state senator allegedly made lewd comments to a legislative staffer about breastfeeding and said vaccines would harm or kill the staffer’s baby, according to the staffer’s written complaint.

The complaint by the Legislative Research Council staffer against state Sen. Julie Frye-Mueller, R-Rapid City, was released Monday by Senate President Pro Tempore Lee Schoenbeck, R-Watertown. Meanwhile, Frye-Mueller filed a lawsuit against Schoenbeck in federal court, alleging her right to free speech has been violated.

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“Frye-Mueller allegedly said the staffer’s husband could suck on the staffer’s breasts to produce milk, and that ‘a good time for that is at night.’ Frye-Mueller then allegedly gestured to her own chest area and motioned to her own husband, who was in the room. ‘He smiled and nodded,’ the complaint says.”

Um, the senator who initially wanted to ban drag shows has sexually harassed a staffer? The hypocrisy is amazing.

Larry Skow

Like all politicians these days it seems like voters don't get much to vote for. Now like spoiled brat she files lawsuit rather than take her punishment. Hey didn't the GOP mafia have couple drunk legislators in capitol a year or two back?

Larry Skow

While the lawsuit is waste of time and money. She does have the Freedom Of Speech. While her statements could of perhaps been stated more PC. She does have the right to voice her opinion. What her Husband was doing in there if he not on staff--well that matter of bad practice. GOP Mafia heads could of handled this better as well. So makes one wonder if she has knotted up some GOP panties. Hope Old Hugh can handle the breast feeding statements she made. That is funny and in my world her husband would take a ribbing in the "locker room". Hahahahha

Larry Skow

That is all politics really amounts to. Hypocrites. Does not matter which party.

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